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Multiple Morgueazms

MORGUEAZM "Multiple Morgueazms" (review by Wednesday Elektra)

MORGUEAZM has been a band I've worked along side in the promotions department with for a few years now.

They're a great band on a personal level - easy to get a long with and they have a good grasp on the music world. Not too mention that they help promote other bands and Gramie Dee (guitars, vocals) even hosts a radio show (The Autopsy Report) that helps support the metal scene. But with all their goodness put aside, their music is something to be listened to. Though it's metal based, it sounds nothing like any other metal band I've heard out there (and trust me I've listened to lots of different styles of metal). I feel that their release "Multiple Morgueazms" is purely original, even for a band that's been stuffed into the "horror metal" category of music - a genre that always seems to get a bad rep for being unoriginal - but MORGUEAZM is different on so many levels. They can whip out some harsh ass kicking tracks then follow it up with a dark brooding ballad, while keeping their heaviness in tact. This is definitely a great album from MORGUEAZM and I would suggest you check it out if you like deep dark music with ass kicking guitars and don't mind a bit of nudity on the cover! [Wednesday Elektra]

Space Junkies Magazine

Morgueazm - Multiple Morgueazms (review by Pete)

This one comes in all the way from the UK - as our warped brothers in Morgueazm have created a monster with their full length "Multiple Morgueazms" CD. The production kicks total ass and the cover art/photos are nice and sick - the way we love it here at Heavycore. You'll be treated to see the naked body of their own "Chainswhore" model, as she's doused in blood and getting a little personal with a human skull. She's hot and nice to look at - over and over throughout the booklet.

I dug the way they started the CD, appropriately with some real creepy sounds and some chick getting on off on something - we could only assume it was the Chainswhore and the skull she is kissing on the cover. Hell yeah! We appreciate the masturbation soundtrack for sure. Drummer Brett Avok puts on one hell of a performance with a double bass attack that will shred any poser within listening distance. He even did the recording engineering himself! Dark Mark does a great job slinging the bass and doing some keys at the right time. The well-known metal madman, Gramie Dee throws down on guitar and vocal duties . . . laughing like a madman while chainsaws roar in the distance! He lays down some killer metal solos, that brought me back to the late 1980's fretburners.

They even tossed in some bonus tracks, to include their rendition of the Heavycore union anthem "Heavycore". We appreciate their support of the cause, mentions of the CORE in their liner notes and paying homage with their version of the song.

This one of the most original bands I've heard in a long time . . . definitely check them out if you dig it heavy, sick and twisted! Buy their new CD or face the wrath of the Chainswhore!


Morgueazm - Multiple Morgueazms Sampler (review by Pete)

The 5-song sampler from Morgueazm is a tease for their upcoming full length "Multiple Morgueazms". The first thing that totally blew me away was the double kick drums in the first track - a song with lyrics in German called "Ich Komm In Deinem Blut". The production of the drums is absolutely incredible on this track and every one after. One hell of a job!

Morgueazm is old school metal all the way - hailing from the UK and showing the young bands how it's supposed to be done. Tracks like "I Lick Your Meat" show that Morgueazm can mix it up and put a little melody into their heavy and disturbing arrangements. They even toss in some porn moaning at the right times to add to the effect.

One thing that really blew my ass away was their cover of "Heavycore" - which ironically is a song that I wrote for the Heavycore organization to use as an anthem of sorts. I told all the Heavycore bands to put their own slant to it - and that's just what Morgueazm did. It's downright heavy as hell and bludgeoning with screaming guitars and rattling bass so strong that I knocked a few things off my desk when I turned it up.

The last track on the sampler is a cover of "Aqualung" from Jethro Tull and they do one hell of a job with it. At times the vocals were a dead ringer for Ian Anderson . . . and then at times it was much more sick and twisted. If this sampler is any indication, the full length cd should really kick some serious ass.


Fun with Formaldehyde

Fun with Formaldehyde/CD Review
Article By: Wednesday Elektra

Morgueazm is one of the best metal bands around. That may be a bold statement, but I feel it’s a true one! This album, “Fun with Formaldehyde” is one of the most versatile, dynamic, varied and unique albums I have ever heard. To those of you reading this that really enjoy heavy music that is not repetitive from song to song, but rather varied this would be an album for you.

“Fun with Formaldehyde” encompasses various styles of metal (amongst other genres of music) and molds them into one big knock out album.

I've been listening to this album for two weeks straight, and that's unusual for me to like an album that much! So, you can only tell that I'm all for this band. I definitely recommend this band to anyone and everyone that likes dynamic music that's a little on the heavy side.

Nefarious Entertainment Magazine

Fun with Formaldehyde/CD Review

Year released: 2002
Duration: 51:00
Tracks: 10
Produced by: Morgueazm
Studio: Mermaid Studios
Genre: Heavy Metal

Rating: 4.75/5

Date reviewed: February 16, 2003

Reviewed by: Barbara Williams (Crowley)

Hell yeah! Here is an album by a band that is all but timid about experimenting with a kind of genre that certainly stands by itself: a horror metal techno mix tinged with a bit of that British humor the rest of the world has come to love and is, perhaps, still trying to figure out.

This gutsy trio wraps their hard-hitting, upbeat compositions around morbid lyrics saturated with guts and gore themes which speak of murder, suicide, cannibalism, and satanic ritual slayings—with a bit of humor, of course.

Fun with Formaldehyde offers ten riveting full-length songs with strong, prominent guitars laying down the melodies, and eerie pipe organ sounds that expand the mood. The drum beats are programmed but steady and well executed, but lack a bit of variety. Gramie’s high-pitched, well articulated vocal style fits the overall atmosphere and does the album much justice.

One of the more sinister, darker sounding songs is “Devourer of the Flesh” which banks on a somewhat gothic mood with chilling guitar riffing, gruesome keyboard sounds, and darker, deeper vocals to enhance the theme.

“I Confess” is perhaps the best example of the dark humor with which Morgueazm approaches chilling metal themes. The cold-blooded lyrics are delivered with stale, slightly sarcastic vocals making light of even the most heinous crimes. “I did it/ I killed her/ then I raped her/ I gave her soul to Satan/and defiled her fucking heart/ I confess!” Horror metal at its finest!

All in all, Fun with Formaldehyde is a good first production that captures the listener’s interest and draws him into playing this album more than once.

Track listing:

Fun With Formaldehyde
Never Do I
Visions Of Blood
"Visions" lo fi preview
Devourer Of The Flesh
I'm A Killer
Little Angels In The Ground
I Confess
Fun Wiv U

Metal Crypt

Morgueazm: Fun With Formaldehyde

Label: Morgueazmic Music
Reviewer: Paul Raw Nerve

Track Listing:

Fun With Formaldehyde
Never Do I
Visions Of Blood
Devourer Of Flesh
I'm A Killer
Little Angels In The Ground
I Confess
Fun Wiv U

Some quality atmospheres begin things here, and a cool keyboard sound takes over, dark guitars then layer over the top, and metal riffing begins. What follows reminds me so much of Ozzy Osborne, vocally, that sort of higher pitched sung-but-talked vocal, and some pretty catchy vocals and patterns follow, most definitely for those who like their metal old-style, not particularly heavy, but pretty dark, and slightly tongue in cheek.

Title track "Fun with Formaldehyde" is a good start, a really catchy and singalongy chorus, with some cool dark sections in there for good measure.

This record ain't particularly my kind of thing, being totally honest, but it's definitely a good listen, and has some cool guitar work, (check the lead in "Never do I"), and some interesting ideas, good vocal patterns for sure, and decent construction of the songs as well. The drum sound, despite being programmed is pretty good, crisp, and definitely adds something pretty different to proceedings.

Like the remix of "Visions", very crunchy, slightly industrial, maybe not as dark as it could have been, but still works pretty well, and there is some cool sounds on the guitar solo, and with some decent atmospheres around the three minute mark, these guys show that they know what they are doing.

"Devourer of the flesh" is another one like the opener, some quality sounds, a fairly sinister mood, slow chugging guitars, and a very excellent chorus, with a decent whispery vocal, and wicked keyboard sounds, add on a nice eastern melody here and there and things are ticking along nicely.

Morgueazm are there for those who like something without extremity, but have an almost chilled out quality to their songs, almost gothic rather than metal to be honest. They have moments that sound like Black Sabbath of a newer day, moments that remind me of Prong (especially during "I'm a killer"), and some that people would consider cheesy, maybe it's all just good fun.

But watch out, cos these guys bite!

Raw Nerve Promotions

MORGUEAZM/ Fun with Formaldehyde

From the ashes of the 80's British thrash band" BLOOD MONEY" comes "Morgueazm". Gramie Dee/guitars, vocals & Brett Avok/vocals, drum programming & engineering...Take you on a sinister ride of HORROR ,that no haunted house nor cannibalistic butcher shop could even come close to matching. From touches of Death to Thrash the way it was meant to be, to all around great fucking metal. There is something in this cd for every metal head! From the opening & title track" fun with formaldehyde" you will be banging your fucking head till blood flows from your eyes! Heavy thick B.C. Rich guitar tone Blasting threw your speakers. I personally Love this cd. So many elements, Tempo changes, lots of GROVE, samples and wonderful Production. I true must for a huge Mosh Pit! Is the world ready for these sinister sicko's I say Fuck yesssss just hold on tight cause you'll never be the same when there done with you!!! mahahahahah!! Check them out by clicking on the cd cover and the Cd or DIE!!!!

Fresh Death Fumes

Fun With Formaldehyde
Song review by Ffabbia

I can be partial to distinctly geeky things. A big part of this 'geekhood' takes the form of various computer games. many of which involve shooting evil things with a wide variety of very big guns in the first person perspective! Once such favourite is the evergreen Quake geeky as this may sound, there is a point to all the crap above. You see, Quake II boasts a very good metal soundtrack, this adds a huge adrenaline rush toward the gameplay.. not just any old metal though.. oh no...this is more like a bastardised, mongrel fusion of techno elements, and shrieking, wild guitar. Do we see a pattern here???...yep, because all of the Morgueazm that I have heard to date (and that's a lot of Morgueazm) would be absolutely ideal as an alternative soundtrack to Quake II...the musical style is spot on! and what's more, those blisteringly dark, sullen vocals add another element. Obviously I have tried this already. Both 'Killa (techno version)' and ''Fun With Formaldehyde' form my new 'alternative Quake II Soundtrack'.. ok enough bollocks, I'm geeky, Morgueazm ain't! on with the review.

Morgueazm are always interesting. 'Fun With Formaldehyde' is no different. Like that other Horror Metal stalwart of the unsigned music scene ConKuss, this band have a very distinct personality, that is not so much showcased within their music, but BRUTALLY INFLICTED upon the listener, who is powerless to do anything about it. (not that you'd want to). Needless to say, the quality of the production here is virtually flawless, a superb balance of funereal drum, and monstrous, almost out of control guitar, supported with solid, workmanlike bass. More interesting still, the track ambience is greatly enhanced by the addition of grim sound effects, straight from Hammer House of Horrors...all serving to underline the bleak, gallows humour of the vocals. My only real criticism of the production lies within the fact that I feel that they are placed a little low within the mix, it's not a big thing however, but such words (I feel) need to be screamed much more loudly to the world.

Attempting to dismantle a rock band in terms of elements, structure etc. is at best, a futile effort. These guys work well together. that's all that really needs to be said here. The sound is drum-tight, and contains a polish, confidence and fluidity that can only come about through a great deal of live performances. In this respect alone Morgueazm are a live band that just happens to record things within the studio; and that's just fine in my book. More importantly however, Morgueazm have PERSONALITY! spades of it! This is a band with strong rock, metal roots, but who are also seeking to add something more (and nastier) to an already overcrowded genre. ' Within Fun with Formaldehyde', and other tracks, Morgueazm have managed to refine their tearaway thunder into a single, slicing, almost indiscriminate cutting machine that slices effortlessly through the dross and flab of the self satisfied corporate rock business...and like a slab of bloody meat, helpless in the face of the barbed implement - I'm hooked!

Source: (Fun With Formaldehyde)

Little Angels In The Ground
Song review by Jay Burton

I'm not normally a true metal listener but I checked out these guys from this new song that was added and was really surprised how much I liked it on the first listen. Forgive me if I chose the incorrect song title? but the song about the Mushroom experience. This song truly takes you on the same trip. Starts out nice and mellow with a feeling of wellbeing and then comes on with an intensity that's not always welcome on mushy's to disturb the peace. It then releases with a spaced out trip to comedown land.

Well worth listening to and adding to your playlist. Thanks for the effort guys it really shows in the production. Jay Burton

Source: (Little Angels In The Ground)

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